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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 6

Ques No.1: What is the main ingredient in guacamole?

Ans: Avocados

Ques No.2: This one definitely sounds like a dessert dish. A mixture of breadcrumbs, suet, sugar, currants, salt and cinnamon is formed into a large sausage which is then boiled or steamed before being sliced and fried. Provided bountifully as part of the traditional Scottish breakfast, what is the name of this dish?

Ans: Fruit pudding

Ques No.3: How many items are in a bakers dozen?

Ans: 13

Ques No.4: Pudding for breakfast sounds like every child's dream! Possibly not the types of pudding most commonly found on the British breakfast menu though. Black pudding is a sliced sausage often fried and served up with a cooked breakfast, but one alternative is white pudding. Which vital ingredient found in black pudding isn't included in white pudding?

Ans: Blood

Ques No.5: What popular beverage once contained cocaine?

Ans: Coca-Cola

Ques No.6: An "Ulster Fry" is the local name for a full Northern Irish breakfast. It stands to reason that potatoes are usually involved. Though these would most commonly appear as a type of potato bread called a farl, which other traditional Irish potato dish might fight for a place on your plate?

Ans: Boxty

Ques No.7: What is the white part of the inside of an egg called?

Ans: Albumen

Ques No.8: Sitting in the breakfast room of your hotel, with glorious views out onto the wild and windy Welsh coast, you notice an item named "laverbread" on the menu. When your breakfast arrives, you discover it's not bread at all, but a sort of green goop. What is this traditional Welsh delicacy made from?

Ans: Seaweed

Ques No.9: What is the name of the first pizzeria to open in the United States?

Ans: Lombardi’s Pizza

Ques No.10: Some kind of sausage is an essential part of the British breakfast, and in England it would normally be roughly cylindrical in shape. In Scotland however, you may well be served "Lorne sausage". What unfashionable shape do the Scots expect their sausage to be?

Ans: Square

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