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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 56

Ques No.1: Which Nation Has The Sweetest Tooth

Ans: Holland

Ques No.2: What Is The Country Of Origin Of Red Stripe Lager?

Ans: Jamaica

Ques No.3: What Is Pumpernickel

Ans: A Type Of Bread

Ques No.4: What Type Of Drink Lended Itself To The Title Of A Number One Single For All Saints?

Ans: Black Coffee

Ques No.5: What Animal Do You Obtain Venison From

Ans: Deer

Ques No.6: What is the main ingredient in makizushi?

Ans: Sushi

Ques No.7: What Does 'Camra' Stand For

Ans: The Campaign for Real Ales

Ques No.8: Which treat has become synonymous with the celebration of Halloween?

Ans: Candy Corn

Ques No.9: What Is The Main Ingredient In Meringue.

Ans: Egg Whites

Ques No.10: Baloney is a form of what?

Ans: Sausage

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