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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 55

Ques No.1: (You deserve a break today) is a slogan of which fast food chain?

Ans: McDonalds

Ques No.2: Devils on horseback required which 2 main ingredients?

Ans: Bacons and prunes

Ques No.3: Name the traditional yeast bread of Chile.

Ans: La marraqueta

Ques No.4: Which country was the founder of sweet egg tarts?

Ans: Portugal

Ques No.5: Beetroot is the main ingredient of which traditional Eastern Soup?

Ans: Borscht

Ques No.6: If your body needs fibers, Vitamin C and antioxidants, then which fruit you need to eat?

Ans: Apple

Ques No.7: Which European country Serrano ham is from?

Ans: Spain

Ques No.8: Which special nutrient found in avocados?

Ans: Fat

Ques No.9: Arepas belongs to which Latin American country?

Ans: Venezuela

Ques No.10: Bananas are a good source of which nutrients and vitamins?

Ans: Potassium and vitamin B6 and fiber

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