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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 54

Ques No.1: How many American states have adopted different pies are their official state food?

Ans: 3

Ques No.2: Halo Halo is a special and popular dessert of which country?

Ans: Philippine

Ques No.3: For which food Peru is known for?

Ans: Ceviche and fried guinea pig

Ques No.4: Watermelon contains how much percentage of water?

Ans: 92%

Ques No.5: From which country, the superfood Acai berry comes from?

Ans: Northern Brazil

Ques No.6: Star fruit is also known as?

Ans: Carambola

Ques No.7: Name the infusion made from Yerba plant and served in gourd with a metal straw?

Ans: Yerba mate

Ques No.8: Limburger cheese belong from which country?

Ans: Belgium

Ques NO.9: During the WWII, what alternative name was used for the hamburgers?

Ans: Salisbury Steak

Ques No.10: Which chili is consider to be the hottest in the world?

Ans: Ghost pepper

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