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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 5

Ques No.1: What are the ingredients in a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail?

Ans: Vodka, Galliano and orange juice

Ques No.2: Our final destination is India, a country too big and diverse to be covered at once. Which of these is NOT traditionally eaten for breakfast in the southern parts of India?

Ans: Chole Bhature

Ques No.3: Bubble tea originated in which country?

Ans: Taiwan

Ques No.4: In the Philippines you find omelets on the breakfast menu but what is the key ingredient of the omelet dish called tortang talong?

Ans: Eggplant

Ques No.5: What are the four main ingredients in beer?

Ans: Grain, hops, yeast, and water

Ques No.6: Given that the Maldives are an island nation, it comes as no surprise that fish is an integral part of the cuisine. Which type of fish is found in the traditional breakfast dish called mas huni?

Ans: Tuna

Ques No.7: The desire to eat strange things that are non-nutritive is known as what?

Ans: Pica

Ques No.8: Rukhal is a type of thin, round bread traditionally eaten for breakfast in Oman. Which of these would be a most likely accompaniment?

Ans: Honey

Ques No.9: In what year was the blue M&M first introduced?

Ans: 1995

Ques No.10: By now you're used to having different types of tea along with your breakfast. What unusual ingredients do you find in the tea that you drink in Bhutan?

Ans: Salted butter

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