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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 47

Ques No.1: Fleur de Sel comes from which country?

Ans: France

Ques No.2: Who was the former celebrity spokesman for Jell-O pudding?

Ans: Bill Cosby

Ques No.3: Which country is the only place to produce Kampot Pepper?

Ans: Cambodia

Ques No.4: A "hot dog" is a colloquial term used for what food?

Ans: Frankfurter

Ques No.5: What is on the inside of a vanilla pod?

Ans: Vanilla Seeds

Ques No.6: Where was the first McDonald's restaurant located?

Ans: California

Ques No.7: Cinnamon is the inner part of what?

Ans: A tree – it is part of the inner bark

Ques No.8: What cooking technique involves submerging food in a liquid at a relatively low temperature?

Ans: Poaching

Ques No.9: Chives have a similar flavour to which vegetable?

Ans: Onion

Ques No.10: "Twinkies" are produced by which famous company?

Ans: Hostess

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