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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 29

Ques No.1: Which drink is Worcester sauce traditionally added to?

Ans: Tomato juice

Ques No.2: Bammy is a traditional Jamaican bread made primarily of what?

Ans: Cassava

Ques No.3: Which fish is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock?

Ans: Anchovy

Ques No.4: General Tso chicken is named after which Chinese historical figure?

Ans: Zuo Zongtang

Ques No.5: What is beef fillet cooked in puff pastry called?

Ans: Beef Wellington

Ques No.6: What does the Slavic word "vodka" translate to in English?

Ans: Little Water

Ques No.7: What gives Windsor Red cheese its colour and flavour?

Ans: Red wine

Ques No.8: What was the original flavor of the filling in Twinkies?

Ans: Banana Cream

Ques No.9: What is a Worcester Pearmain?

Ans: Apple

Ques No.10: Tomatoes originated from which continent?

Ans: South America

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