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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 21

Ques No.1: Which Are More Nutritious Brown Or White Eggs

Ans: They Are Both The Same

Ques No.2: What cereal is cornflakes coated with sugar?

Ans: Frosted Flakes

Ques No.3: What Is Ghee

Ans: Clarified Butter Used In Asian Cooking

Ques No.4: Which of these cereals had a cowboy and a porcupine as a mascot?

Ans: Corn Pops

Ques No.5: What Do The Initials U.H.T Refer To In Relation To Milk

Ans: Ultra Heat Treated

Ques No.6: The Rice Krispies line-up consisted of Snap, Crackle and ______.

Ans: Pop

Ques No.7: What Is A Ramekin

Ans: A Small Casserole Dish

Ques No.8: Which of these cereals features "The Captain"?

Ans: Cap'n Crunch

Ques No.9: What Is The Oldest Known Vegetable

Ans: The Broad Bean

Ques No.10: What classic cartoon duo are the mascots for "Cocoa/Fruity Pebbles"?

Ans: Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

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