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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 18

Ques No.1: What dish, made from crushed durum wheat, is a staple of western North Africa?

Ans: Couscous

Ques No.2: How Did Garam Masala Get It's Name

Ans: It Is Hindi For 'Hot Spice'

Ques No.3: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opened his first restaurant in what city?

Ans: London, England

Ques No.4: How Did Eggs Benedict Get It's Name

Ans: As a Cure For A Certain Mr Benedict's Hangover

Ques No.5: Sushi is a type of cuisine that originated in what country?

Ans: Japan

Ques No.6: What Is The Origin Of The Word Gammon

Ans: From The French Word For Ham Jambon

Ques No.7: What is the name for a meat dish made from finely chopped raw beef often served with onion, capers, seasonings and raw egg?

Ans: Steak tartare

Ques No.8: What Is Britain's Top Selling Fruit Flavoured Soup

Ans: Tomato

Ques No.9: To be legally sold as bourbon, a whiskey’s mash must contain at least 51% of what grain?

Ans: Corn

Ques No.10: Where Does Key Lime Pie Come From

Ans: It Originated In Key West Florida

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