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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 15

Ques No.1: What Are The Ingredients Of A Pina Colada

Ans: Rum, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk

Ques No.2: As is true with many African countries some form of porridge is a staple food - at almost every meal. The residents of which African country have been known to enjoy a porridge made from sorghum for breakfast rather than one made from the more common ingredient, maize?

Ans: Botswana

Ques No.3: What Is Feta A Type Of

Ans: Cheese

Ques No.4: In this European country, rye bread is a staple and it tends to be served with every meal in the traditional homes. Breakfast is no exception for this. The bread is called "black bread" and is often served with a softer sausage (meat) and a black tea for breakfast. Which country is it?

Ans: Russia

Ques No.5: What Fruit Is Used In Making 'Creme De Cassis'

Ans: Blackcurrants

Ques No.6: This country which in South America is known to serve rather hearty meals - even for breakfast. A typical breakfast may include chicken stew and rice or a seafood and onion soup called encebollado. Which country?

Ans: Ecuador

Ques No.7: What Does The Term 'A La Carte' Actually Mean

Ans: From The Menu

Ques No.8: In which middle-eastern country would you find a round, sweet flatbread called roht served for breakfast? It may be served with apricots, pistachio nuts and/or plain yogurt, and, of course, with their preferred drink, chai, green or black tea.

Ans: Afghanistan

Ques No.9: What Is The Name Given To The Flat Indian Bread Resembling A Pancake

Ans: Chapati

Ques No.10: It seems what is traditional has changed somewhat within this Asian country. Some years ago a rather large breakfast of soy sprouts, grilled tofu, steamed eggs and cod fish soup may have been served with a dish of fermented cabbage called kimchi. What country is this?

Ans: Korea (Republic of South Korea)

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