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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 92

Ques No.1: Semiconductor:

Ans: Bardeen and Brattain

Ques No.2: Uncertainty Principle:

Ans: Heisenberg

Ques No.3: Cyclotron:

Ans: Ernest Lawrence

Ques No.4: Electro Magnetic Engine:

Ans: James Maxwell

Ques No.5: Internal Combustion Engine:

Ans: Nikolas August Otto

Ques No.6: Earth As A Huge Magnet:

Ans: William Gilbert

Ques No.7: First Person To Orbit Earth:

Ans: Yuri Gagarin

Ques No.8: Water:

Ans: Henry Cavendish

Ques No.9: Gravitation:

Ans: Newton

Ques No.10: Magnet:

Ans: Dr. Gilbert

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