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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 85

Ques No.1: __________ is an instrument used to determine Refractive power of lens.

Ans: Retinoscope

Ques No.2: The final image produced by a simple microscope is ____________

Ans: Virtual and Erect

Ques No.3: _________ is used for the detection of Light.

Ans: Photodiode

Ques No.4: A ________ is a device used for analysing polarized light.

Ans: Polaroid

Ques No.5: The spectrum of luminous bodies is studied by __________

Ans: Spectrometer

Ques No.6: ___________ is used for conversion of low voltage into high voltage and vice-versa.

Ans: Transformer

Ques No.7: ___________ is used to observe Retina.

Ans: Ophthalmoscope

Ques No.8: ________ works on the principle of Absorption of sound.

Ans: Sonar

Ques No.9: Tuberculosis:

Ans: Robert Koch

Ques No.10: Logarithm Table:

Ans: John Napier

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