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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 78

Ques No.1: The mechanism for ATP synthesis is

Ans: Chemiosmosis

Ques No.2: Enzyme present in the saliva is

Ans: Ptyalin

Ques No.3: Nitrogen is present in

Ans: Proteins

Ques No.4: The food is ground in the cockroach in

Ans: Gizzard

Ques No.5: Operculum is present in

Ans: Bony Fish

Ques No.6: In which animal respiratory suface are found in more than one organ

Ans: Frog

Ques No.7: The heart is enclosed in a membrane called

Ans: Pericardium

Ques No.8: From right ventricle blood is pushed into

Ans: Pulmonary Trunk

Ques No.9: Which one is abundant is lymph

Ans: Proteins

Ques No.10: Jaws without teeth are found in found in

Ans: Birds

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