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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 77

Ques No.1: Diamond is an allotropic form of

Ans: Carbon

Ques No.2: The Sl unit of Heat is

Ans: Joule

Ques No.3: The good sources of Vitamin-A are

Ans: Green leafy vegetables

Ques No.4: The good sources of Vitamin-B Complex are

Ans: Seeds

Ques No.5: The good sources of Vitamin-C are

Ans: Fresh vegetables and fruits

Ques No.6: The good sources of iodine are

Ans: Sea foods

Ques No.7: The gas commonly known as "laughing gas" is

Ans: Nitrous Oxide

Ques No.8: The source of oxygen in photosynthesis is

Ans: Water

Ques No.9: The instrument used to measure wind speed is

Ans: Anemometer

Ques No.10: The natural fats and oils are composed of

Ans: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

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