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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 76

Ques No.1: Longitude Of Vessel Over Sea:

Ans: Chronometer

Ques No.2: Detection Of Electric Charge:

Ans: Electroscope

Ques No.3: Voltage Difference:

Ans: Electrometer

Ques No.4: Depth Of The Ocean:

Ans: Fathometer

Ques No.5: Small Electric Current:

Ans: Galvanometer

Ques No.6: Relative Density of Liquids:

Ans: Hydrometer

Ques No.7: Change In Atmospheric Humidity:

Ans: Hygroscope

Ques No.8: Detection And Measurement Of Light:

Ans: Photoelectric Cell

Ques No.9: Salinity Of Water:

Ans: Salinometer

Ques No.10: Spectrum Analysis:

Ans: Spectroscope

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