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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 72

Ques No.1: E.M Induction:

Ans: Faraday

Ques No.2: Energy Quanta:

Ans: Max Planck

Ques No.3: Vitamin. C Therapy:

Ans: Linus Pauling

Ques No.4: First Clone Of A Sheep:

Ans: Ian Wilmit

Ques No.5: Streptomycin:

Ans: S.A.Waksman

Ques No.6: Helical Structure Of Protein:

Ans: Linus Pauling

Ques No.7: Polio Vaccine:

Ans: Jonas Salk

Ques No.8: Nylon:

Ans: Wallace. H Carothers

Ques No.9: Radioactivity:

Ans: Becquerel

Ques No.10: Safety Match:

Ans: John Walker

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