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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 7

Ques No.1: The process of digestion begins in

Ans: Mouth

Ques No.2: The process of conversion of a material from solid state directly to gaseous state is called ___________.

Ans: Sublimation

Ques No.3:Sometimes when white blood corpuscles greatly increase in number, they cause a disease called

Ans: Leukaemia

Ques No.4: Bacteria are _________.

Ans: parasite

Ques No.5: The principle of wireless telegraphy was discovered by

Ans: Signor Marconi

Ques No.6: _______ is an oxide of Aluminium.

Ans: Ruby

Ques No.7: The planet nearest to sun is

Ans: Mercury

Ques No.8: In the ____________ nights are larger than days in June.

Ans: Australian continent

Ques No.9: Pressure cooker works on the principle that the boiling point of a liquid__________ with the increase of pressure.

Ans: Increases.

Ques No.10: _________ is not hydrated calcium carbonate.

Ans: Gypsum

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