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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 63

Ques No.1: SMS

Ans: Short Message Service

Ques No.2: SNGPL

Ans: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Ques No.3: SONAR

Ans: Sound Navigation and Ranging

Ques No.4: SSGPL

Ans: Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited

Ques No.5: STD

Ans: Subscriber's Trunk Dialling

Ques No.6: STM

Ans: Subscriber Identification

Ques No.7: SUPARCO

Ans: Space and Upper ATmosphere Research Committee (Pakistan)

Ques No.8: TB

Ans: Tubercle Bacillus / Tuberculosis

Ques No.9: UHF

Ans: Ultra High Frequency

Ques No.10: UNAEC

Ans: United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

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