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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 62

Ques No.1: MDS

Ans: Master in Dental Surgery

Ques No.2: MNP

Ans: Mobile Number Probability

Ques No.3: MRBM

Ans: Medium Range Ballistic Missile

Ques No.4: MRCP

Ans: Member of Royal College of Physicians

Ques No.5: MRI

Ans: Magnetic Rosonance Imaging

Ques No.6: MS

Ans: Medical Superintendent

Ques No.7: MSN

Ans: Microsoft Network

Ques No.8: MW

Ans: Megawatt

Ques No.9: NADRA

Ans: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Ques No.10: NM

Ans: Nautical Mile

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