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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 58

Ques No.1: Irregular grape like cluster of bacilli is called

Ans Staphylo Bacilli

Ques No.2: It is generally accepted that plants arose from ancestral

Ans: green algae

Ques No.3: Main energy reserves in the case of green algae are

Ans: starch

Ques No.4: The chief component of the cell wall of the majority

Ans: Chitin

Ques No.5: After pollination the pollens are transferred to which part of the flower

Ans: Stigma

Ques No.6: Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for

Ans: glyoxylate cycle

Ques No.7: Vacuoles serve to

Ans: Both in expansion and storage

Ques No.8: An isolated virus is not considered living since it

Ans: Cannot metabolize

Ques No.9: The predominat phycobilin pigment in cyanobacteria which is of blue colour is

Ans: phycocyanin

Ques No.10: Deafness is caused by misuse of

Ans: streptomycin

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