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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 57

Ques No.1: Bacteria without any flagella are called

Ans: Atrichous

Ques No.2: Protists have been evolved from

Ans: Prokaryotes

Ques No.3: Algae differ from plants in that the sex organs in algae are

Ans: unicellular

Ques No.4: Fungi can absorb food from the substrate because they have

Ans: Rhizoids

Ques No.5: A seed may be defined as a fertilized

Ans: Ovule

Ques No.6: Platyhelminthes means

Ans: flat worms

Ques No.7: The first land vertebrates were

Ans: amphibia

Ques No.8: All life on planet earth is powered by

Ans: Solar Energy

Ques No.9: Recombinant DNA is introduced in to host cell by means of

Ans: Vector

Ques No.10: In cystic fibrosis, the patient lakes a gene that codes for trans-membarence carrier of

Ans: Chloride ion

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