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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 49

Ques No.1: Which of the following vitamin helps in coagulation of blood?

Ans: Vitamin K

Ques No.2: Overdose of Vitamin A and Vitamin D causes

Ans: Hypervitaminosis

Ques No.3: Which of the following vitamin is the Anti Sterility Vitamin?

Ans: Vitamin E

Ques No.4: Vitamin B is synthasised by

Ans: Bacteria

Ques No.5: Which of the following vitamins are fat soluble?

Ans: Vitamin A and D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

Ques No.6: Which of the following vitamins are water soluble?

Ans: Vitamin B and C

Ques No.7: Vitamin A is called

Ans: Ratinol

Ques No.8: Vitamin B1 is called

Ans: Thiamine

Ques No.9: Vitamin B2 is called

Ans: Riboflovin

Ques NO.10: Vitamin B3 is called

Ans: Folic acid

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