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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 43

Ques No.1: Messenger RNA is formed in

Ans: Nucleus

Ques No.2: Number of chromosomes in E.coli

Ans: 1

Ques No.3: Protein factory is

Ans: Ribosome

Ques No.4: Smallest disease causing agents in plants are

Ans: Viroids

Ques No.5: The major cell infected by the HIV is lymphocyte

Ans: Helper-T

Ques No.6: Pigment present in red algae is

Ans: Phycoerythrin

Ques No.7: Nutrition is fungi is

Ans: Absorptive Heterotrophs

Ques No.8: Fungi resemble plants because they lack

Ans: Centriole

Ques No.9: Which is a parasitic plant

Ans: Cuscuta

Ques No.10: True roots absent in

Ans: Bryophytes

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