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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 42

Ques No.1: Ballpoint pen:

Ans: Laszlo And Georg Biro

Ques No.2: Helicopter:

Ans: Igor Sikorsky

Ques No.3: DDT:

Ans: Paul Muller

Ques No.4: Blood Banking:

Ans: Charles Drew

Ques No.5: AK-47:

Ans: Mikhail Kalashnikov

Ques No.6: Integrated Circuit:

Ans: Robert Noyce

Ques NO.7: Cellular Phone:

Ans: Dr. Martin Cooper

Ques No.8: Vitamins: Q

Ans: Funk

Ques No.9: Uranus:

Ans: Herschel

Ques No.10: Calculating Machine:

Ans: Blaise Pascal

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