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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 41

Ques No.1: UNESCO

Ans: United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Ques No.2: VCD

Ans: Video Compact Disc

Ques No.3: VHF

Ans: Very High Frequency

Ques No.4: WAN

Ans: Wide Area Network

Ques No.5: WAP

Ans: Wireless Application Protocol

Ques No.6: WAPDA

Ans: Water and Power Development Authority

Ques No.7: WHO

Ans: World Health Organization

Ques No.8: WMD

Ans: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ques No.9: WWF

Ans: World Wildlife Fund

Ques No.10: ZPG

Ans: Zero Population Growth

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