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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 39

Ques No.1: At high altitude the air temperature is lower as compare to sea level, therefore water boils at__________temperature.

Ans: Lower

Ques No.2: Evaporation is a___________process.

Ans: Cooling

Ques No.3: The refrigerator works on the two processes

Ans: Condensation and Evaporation

Ques No.4: Air is a very good_________of heat.

Ans: Insulator

Ques No.5: Which rediation has the lowest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum?

Ans: Radio Rays

Ques No.6: Which rays are useful in cancer treatment?

Ans: Gamma Rays

Ques No.7: The speed of sound will be maximum if passing through

Ans: Iron

Ques No.8: The wire used to make the filament of a light bulb is made of

Ans: tungsten

Ques No.9: The wire used to make heating elements in electric kettles and irons are made of

Ans: nichrome

Ques No.10: The fundamental concept of Economics about resources is that the resources are

Ans: Scarce

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