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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 38

Ques No.1: The distance of Moon from the Earth is__________Km.

Ans: 384,000

Ques No.2: There are_________planets in orbit around the Sun.

Ans: 8

Ques No.3: Planets are kept in orbit by the?

Ans: Gravitational pull of the sun

Ques No.4: Which from the following is NOT a Renewable Energy?

Ans: Nuclear

Ques No.5: When vapours of a substance are cooled and changes into liquid, it is called

Ans: Condensation

Ques No.6: An instrument used to measure gas pressure is called

Ans: Manometer

Ques No.7: If we add salt to the pure water, its boiling point will

Ans: Increase

Ques No.8: The boiling point of alcohol is

Ans: 79 ^oC

Ques No.9: The presence of impurities__________the freezing point of water

Ans: Decreases

Ques No.10: The melting point of ice is lowered by a/an__________in pressure.

Ans: Increase

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