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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 36

Ques No.1: Chlorine act as a bleaching agent in the presence of?

Ans: H2O

Ques No.2: The chemical formula of magnetic oxide of?

Ans: Fe3O4

Ques No.3: Rain water is acidic in nature because air contain?

Ans: Carbon Dioxide

Ques No.4: Nutrient pollution of water bodies is caused by?

Ans: Nitrates & Phosphates

Ques No.5: Most of the aquatic animals cannot survive above?

Ans: 30 ^C

Ques NO.6: Which one of the following disease is caused by mercury?

Ans: Parkinson

Ques No.7: The blister copper is refined by?

Ans: Electrolysis

Ques No.8: Chemical formula of Urea is?


Ques No.9: Sodium carbonate is commercially manufactured by?

Ans: Solvay Process

Ques No.10: Urea is probably, most important fertilizer?

Ans: Nitrogenous

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