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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 34

Ques No.1: The next homologue of C8H18 is?

Ans: C9H20

Ques No.2: Methane is the first member of?

Ans: Alkane Series

Ques No.3: The compound C3H8 must have?

Ans: All single bonds

Ques No.4: The name of C6H14 is?

Ans: Hexane

Ques No.5: Which of the following organic compound has different chemical properties?


Ques No.6: Which of the following is inorganic?

Ans: NaCN

Ques No.7: Dehydration of ethyle alcohol with conc. H2SO4 results in the formation of?

Ans: Ethene

Ques No.8: Which one of the following reagents distinguished ethene from acetylene?

Ans: AgNO3

Ques No.9: Which one of the following decolorizes Br2 Water?

Ans: Ethene

Ques No.10: Ethene reacts with HBr, the compound formed is?

Ans: CH3-CH2-Br

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