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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 32

Ques No.1: In birds the sex is determined by the type of

Ans: Egg

Ques No.2: in RNA nucleotides are attached by

Ans: Phosphodiester bond

Ques No.3: The chromosome is

Ans: genes + protein

Ques No.4: The human body contains water

Ans: 70-80%

Ques No.5: Fresh water ecosystem covers

Ans: 1%

Ques No.6: Starch is richly person in

Ans: Cereals

Ques No.7: Plants having foreign DNA are known as

Ans: Transgenic plants

Ques No.8: Which of the following kinds of atom do not occur in carbohydrates

Ans: nitrogen

Ques No.9: The basic framework of all types of membrance are

Ans: lipoproteins

Ques No.10: Single membrane bounded organelle is

Ans: lysosome

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