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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 30

Ques No.1: Structure Of DNA:

Ans: Watson & Crick

Ques No.2: Rabies Vaccination:

Ans: Louis Pasteur

Ques No.3: Penicillin:

Ans: Alexander Fleming

Ques No.4: Genetic Laws of Heredity:

Ans: Mendel

Ques No.5: Vaccination Against Small Pox:

Ans: Edward Jenner

Ques No.6: Solar System:

Ans: Copernicus

Ques No.7: Current Electricity:

Ans: Volta

Ques No.8: Telephone:

Ans: Graham Bell

Ques No.9: Gramophone:

Ans: Thomas Edison

Ques No.10: Atomic Number:

Ans: Mosley

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