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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 3

Ques No.1: In the eye only _______ contains receptors for light energy.

Ans: Retina

Ques No.2: __________ is not affected by cooking.

Ans: Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Ques No.3: Underground horizontal stems are allied ________.

Ans: Rhizomes

Ques No.4: Muscle stiffness is symptom caused by the disease ________.

Ans: Tetanus

Ques No.5: Water transport in plants occurs within ________.

Ans: Xylem

Ques No.6: Chemically finger nails are made up of _________.

Ans: protein

Ques No.7: Monomer of proteins is ___________.

Ans: Amino Acids

Ques No.8: In an animal cell protein is synthesized in the _________.

Ans: Ribosome

Ques No.9: _________ is used for measuring the pressure.

Ans: Barometer

Ques No.10: ________ are the part of Neuron.

Ans: Dendrites

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