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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 27

Ques No.1: Pressure:

Ans: Barometer

Ques No.2: Voltage:

Ans: Voltmeter

Ques No.3: Purity Of Milk:

Ans: Lactometer

Ques No.4: Temperature:

Ans: Thermometer

Ques No.5: Velocity Of Wind:

Ans: Anemometer

Ques No.6: Earthquake:

Ans: Richter Scale

Ques No.7: Degree Of Humidity:

Ans: Hygrometer

Ques No.8: Blood Pressure:

Ans: Sphygmomanometer

Ques No.9: Radioactivity:

Ans: Geiger Counter

Ques No.10: High Temperature:

Ans: Pyrometer

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