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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 23

Ques No.1: Green Land:

Ans: Robert Peary

Ques No.2: Transistor:

Ans: William Bradford Shockley

Ques No.3: Typewriter:

Ans: Sholes

Ques No.4: Bacteriology:

Ans: Pasteur

Ques No.5: Laser:

Ans: Theodore Maiman

Ques No.6: Father Of Botany:

Ans: Theophrastus

Ques No.7: Father Of Zoology:

Ans: Aristotle

Ques No.8: Father Of Taxonomy:

Ans: Carolus Linnaeus

Ques No.9: Father Of Genetics:

Ans: Gregor Mendel

Ques No.10: Cell Theory:

Ans: Scheilden And Schwann

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