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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 21

Ques No.1: HST:

Ans: High Speed Technology/ High Speed Train (in UK) / Hubble Space Telescope

Ques No.2: DBS

Ans: Data Base Server / Direct Broadcast Satellite

Ques No.3: CRO

Ans: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Ques No.4: BOT

Ans: Build, Operate and Transfer / Botulinum Toxin

Ques No.5: AMU

Ans: Atomic Mass Unit

Ques No.6: EMF

Ans: Electro Motive Force

Ques No.7: ADH

Ans: Anti-diuretic Hormone

Ques No.8: GEV

Ans: Giga Electro Volt

Ques No.9: CRT

Ans: Cathode Ray Tube

Ques No.10: CNS

Ans: Central Nervous System

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