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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 204

Ques No.1: 5 to the power of 0 equals what?

Ans: 0

Ques No.2: Because of dogs unique relationship with humans they are often referred to as man's best________?

Ans: Friend

Ques No.3: True or false? -4 is a natural number.

Ans: False

Ques No.4: True or false? The tallest dog in the world stands over 50cm in height.

Ans: False - The tallest dog is a Great Dane that stands 07 cm (42 in) at the top of the shoulder.

Ques No.5: What does 3 squared equal?

Ans: 9

Ques No.6: What is the name of the phobia for someone who has a fear of dogs?

Ans: Cynophobia

Ques No.7: In statistics, the middle value of an ordered set of values is called what?

Ans: The median

Ques No.8: Who has better hearing, a human or a dog?

Ans: A dog - Dogs can hear both above and below humans on the frequency spectrum, can pinpoint sound direction faster and can hear sounds that are four times as far away as what humans can hear.

Ques No.9: True or false? In an isosceles triangle all sides are unequal.

Ans: False (2 sides are equal)

Ques No.10: True or false? Dogs are susceptible to parasites such as ticks, mites and fleas.

Ans: True

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