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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 201

Ques No.1: In what country would you find the cities Lyon and Marseille?

Ans: France

Ques No.2: True or false? The Dead Sea is 6 times more salty than the ocean.

Ans: True

Ques No.3: In what country is the Great Pyramid of Giza found?

Ans: Egypt

Ques No.4: What state of the USA is the Grand Canyon located in?

Ans: Arizona

Ques No.5: Zurich is the largest city in what country?

Ans: Switzerland

Ques No.6: True or false? Earth Day is held on June

Ans: False (April 22)

Ques No.7: Adidas and Volkswagen are companies from what country?

Ans: Germany

Ques No.8: Do male or female mosquitoes bite people?

Ans: Female

Ques No.9: In what country was Nelson Mandela born?

Ans: South Africa

Ques No.10: What is the name of the world's largest reef system?

Ans: Great Barrier Reef

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