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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 2

Ques No.1: Speed of the wind is measured by _________.

Ans: Anemometer

Ques No.2: The fat in our food is digested by the ___________.

Ans: Enzyme Lipase

Ques No.3: _________ is an allotropic form of the element _______.

Ans: Diamond / Carbon

Ques No.4: The number of chromosomes in the _____________.

Ans: spermatozoon is 23

Ques No.5: The rate at which a current changes direction is called its _________.

Ans: Line Frequency/Main frequency

Ques No.6: Rickets is caused by the deficiency of __________.

Ans: vitamin D

Ques No.7: __________ are often called the powerhouse of the cell.

Ans: Mitochondria

Ques No.8: _________ is vitamin C.

Ans: Ascorbic acid

Ques No.9: _________ control plant response to environment stimuli.

Ans: Plant Hormones

Ques No.10: _________ is vitamin B1.

Ans: Thiamine

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