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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 187

Ques No.1: When a bullet is fired upwards vertically, it gains in __________.

Ans: Potential energy

Ques No.2: The unit of sound is ________.

Ans: Decibel

Ques No.3: _________ is the study of tissues.

Ans: Histology

Ques No.4: When an object is transferred from the earth to the moon ____________.

Ans: its mass remains unchanged

Ques No.5: The part of the body directly affected by _______ is bone tissue.

Ans: Rikets

Ques No.6: __________ can be used to focus sunlight.

Ans: Concave mirror

Ques No.7: Heart pumps ___________ in a normal human adult (at resting position).

Ans: 5 litre blood per minute

Ques No.8: ___________ is a protein.

Ans: Natural rubber

Ques No.9: The heart of a normal adult human being weighs about 300 grams and that of woman ________.

Ans: 200 grams

Ques No.10: Colour of the skin is due to the presence of __________.

Ans: Melanin

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