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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 186

Ques No.1: Zero:

Ans: Al Khwarizmi

Ques No.2: The penetration of x-rays through an object depends upon ____________.

Ans: the object‘s Density

Ques No.3: Malaria Parasite:

Ans: Ronald Ross

Ques No.4: The application of the principles of genetics to the improvement of human race is known as __________.

Ans: Eugenics

Ques No.5: Vitamin B9 is called

Ans: Folic Acid

Ques No.6: The unit to measure the supersonic speed is ________.

Ans: Mach

Ques No.7: Vitamin B7 is called

Ans: Biotin

Ques No.8: ________ does not have a tetrahedral structure.

Ans: Diamond

Ques No.9: Vitamin B6 is called

Ans: Phyridoxin

Ques No.10: It is economical to transmit ____________.

Ans: electric power at high voltage

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