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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 180

Ques No.1: Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

Ans: Neil Armstrong

Ques No.2: Nights are cooler in the deserts than in the plants because _________.

Ans: Sand absorbs heat more quickly than the earth

Ques No.3: Is the sun a star or a planet?

Ans: A star

Ques No.4: Permanent magnets can be made from ________.

Ans: Cobalt

Ques No.5: Can humans breathe normally in space as they can on Earth?

Ans: No

Ques No.6: Milk is nearly a __________ by itself.

Ans: complete food

Ques No.7: What planet is famous for the beautiful rings that surround it?

Ans: Saturn

Ques No.8: Pepsin, a digestive enzyme, is produced in the _________.

Ans: Stomach

Ques No.9: What planet is famous for its big red spot on it?

Ans: Jupiter

Ques No.10: ________ is a starch digeting enzyme.

Ans: Ptyalin

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