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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 170

Ques No.1: Polio is a _________.

Ans: viral disease

Ques No.2: In a normal healthy body, the number of red cells or erythrocytes in _________.

Ans: each cubic millimetre of blood is 5.0 m

Ques No.3: Heavy water consists of ___________.

Ans: Oxygen and heavy hydrogen

Ques No.4: The elements which emit radiations have atomic number greater than _____.

Ans: 82

Ques No.5: The minimum velocity required to escape from the gravitational pull is _________.

Ans: 11.2 km/s

Ques No.6: The satellites which revolve in such an orbit, so that they move with earth rotation are called ___________.

Ans: Geo-stationary satellites

Ques No.7: ________ is a device that converts Mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Ans: Dynamo

Ques No.8: _________ are the fine strands of Glass.

Ans: Optical fibres

Ques No.9: One horse power is equal to __________.

Ans: 746 watts

Ques No.10: Ordinary light spreads in all __________.

Ans: directions

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