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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 165

Ques No.1: In the name of multimeter "AVO", _________.

Ans: V stands for Voltage

Ques No.2: _______ is found in its original form.

Ans: Gold

Ques No.3: The device used for the measurement of current, voltage and resistance is _______.

Ans: AVO meter

Ques No.4: Bats can also fly in dark because they are capable of taking the help of __________.

Ans: Ultrasonic Waves

Ques No.5: ________ can be made by modification in Galvanometer.

Ans: Voltmeter

Ques No.6: The _________ is caused by an excess of Carbon dioxide.

Ans: Green House Effect

Ques No.7: In Brazil __________ for vehicles.

Ans: alcohol is used as fuel

Ques No.8: The main chemical substance present in the bones and teeth of animals is _________.

Ans: Calcium Phosphate

Ques No.9: Radioactive source must be kept in _________.

Ans: Lead Container

Ques No.10: Water vapour beyond the dew point results in ________.

Ans: Condensation

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