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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 164

Ques No.1: Video camera is used to convert Picture into _________.

Ans: electrical signals

Ques No.2: A ________ study usually involves an analysis of liver.

Ans: post mortem

Ques No.3: The carrier waves used for the radio transmission have the frequency up to _______.

Ans: 30 KHz

Ques No.4: The rear view mirror of a motor vehicle is ________.

Ans: Convex

Ques No.5: For sending sound waves at large distance, _________ are used.

Ans: Radio Waves

Ques No.6: _______ has the largest egg.

Ans: Whale

Ques No.7: Paper is an ________.

Ans: insulator

Ques No.8: The fat content in buffalo milk is ______.

Ans: 10%

Ques No.9: Silicon is a _________.

Ans: Semiconductor

Ques No.10: ______ have high iron content.

Ans: Green vegetables

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