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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 163

Ques No.1: Nowadays, the international communication and transmission is being done through the waves known as ________.

Ans: Microwaves

Ques No.2: Gypsum is used for _______.

Ans: cement

Ques No.3: In a telephone receiver, _______ is placed under the diaphragm.

Ans: Magnet

Ques No.4: The major part of natural gas, petroleum and coal consist of ________.

Ans: Methane

Ques No.5: First telegraph signal was transmitted in ______.

Ans: 1901

Ques No.6: The only planet of solar system which has water vapours is _________.

Ans: Neptune

Ques No.7: The waves used for sending signals to the satellite from ground station are _________.

Ans: Micro Waves

Ques No.8: Tincture of iodine consists of ________.

Ans: A solution of iodine in alcohol

Ques No.9: In a colour television, the colours are __________.

Ans: green, red and blue

Ques No.10: __________ are nitrogen-fixing micro-organisms which can enrich soil.

Ans: Bio fertilisers

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