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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 160

Ques No.1: Used tea leaves contain ________.

Ans: Quinine

Ques No.2: The working principle of a washing machine is ___________.

Ans: Centrifugation

Ques No.3: The theory of expanding Universe was first propounded by ________.

Ans: Hubble

Ques No.4: The major component of honey is ________.

Ans: Glucose

Ques No.5: The instrument that measures wind speed is the __________.

Ans: anemometer

Ques No.6: The greatest number of compounds is formed by the element of ________.

Ans: Carbon

Ques No.7: The highest recorded air temperature in the world in degree _________.

Ans: Celsius is 57

Ques No.8: __________ is a unit of Velocity.

Ans: Meter per second

Ques No.9: Water has maximum density at ___________.

Ans: 4 degree centigrade

Ques No.10: _______ is made of Cellulose.

Ans: Rayon

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