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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 156

Ques No.1: The instrument which is specially designed for recording earth quake wave is called seismograph which measure earth quake waves on a __________.

Ans: Richter scale

Ques No.2: Founder of modern astronomy was ________.

Ans: Nicolas Copernicus

Ques No.3: Myopia is a defect of human eye. It can be corrected by using a lens called _________.

Ans: concave lens

Ques No.4: Role of biotechnology in the production of food is based on _________.

Ans: Fermentation

Ques No.5: Night vision is possible with the help of __________.

Ans: Infrared Rays

Ques No.6: Inheritance of acquired characters is not an art of _________.

Ans: Darwinism

Ques No.7: A body can escape the gravitational pull of the earth if it is thrown up with a velocity of _________.

Ans: 7 miles per sec

Ques No.8: The chance of diabetic baby born to parents both heterozygous normal is ______.

Ans: 1/4

Ques No.9: CAT triplet in DNA codes for _______.

Ans: valine

Ques No.10: A very important practical application of properties of matter is hoeing or 'godi' practiced by the farmers. This property of matter is called _________.

Ans: Capillarity

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