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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 155

Ques No.1: Digestion involves ________.

Ans: ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination

Ques No.2: __________ decreases haemoglobin production.

Ans: Deficiency of Pyridoxine

Ques No.3: Polygenic characteristic are controlled by __________.

Ans: Multiple Genes

Ques No.4: Chemical name of vinegar is _________.

Ans: Dilute Acetic Acid

Ques No.5: ________ is the only source new alleles.

Ans: Mutation

Ques No.6: Dry ice is _________.

Ans: Solid Carbon Dioxide

Ques No.7: _________ can be described as a continuing process.

Ans: Evolution

Ques No.8: The science which deals with study of manners and customs of people is _______.

Ans: Ethics

Ques No.9: Fossils found in the _____________ are generally most primitive.

Ans: Lowest geological strata

Ques No.10: The instrument which measures very high temperature is _________.

Ans: Pyrometer

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