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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 146

Ques No.1: Oil rises in a wick of oil lamp because of a property of matter, called _________.

Ans: Capillary action

Ques No.2: _________ is not used for rice crop.

Ans: Ammonium nitrate

Ques No.3: Beri Beri is the disease which is caused by the deficiency of _________.

Ans: vitamin B1

Ques No.4: The three elements needed for healthy growth of plants are _________

Ans: N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K(potassium)

Ques No.5: _________ is the branch of zoology which deals with the study of insects.

Ans: Entomology

Ques No.6: Muslim scientist Ail al Tabari is famous for his work on _________.

Ans: Firdous al-Hikmah

Ques No.7: The __________ are responsible for proteins synthesis in the human body.

Ans: nucleic acids

Ques No.8: A ________ is a unit of distance.

Ans: light year

Ques No.9: A convex lens is used for the correction of the __________.

Ans: Hyper-phobia

Ques No.10: Muscle stiffness is called by a disease called _______.

Ans: Tetanus

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