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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 142

Ques No.1: Opium is used to make _______.

Ans: Heroine

Ques No.2: Defect of eye due to which nearly located objects are not clearly visible is called _______.

Ans: Hyperopia / Hypermetropia

Ques No.3: Opium is found in ________.

Ans: poppy

Ques No.4: Human being belongs to species called _________.

Ans: Sapiens

Ques No.5: Insects are _________

Ans: invertebrates

Ques No.6: The study of human population is called ________.

Ans: Demography

Ques No.7: The diameter of the earth is _________.

Ans: 12742 km

Ques No.8: A _______ can be charged again.

Ans: secondary cell

Ques No.9: Venus planet of our solar system is called as ___________.

Ans: Morning Star

Ques No.10: __________ which is involved in the breakdown of fats.

Ans: Liver produces bile

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